Delorean Labs   Founder   2014-Present

Startup studio and technology consulting firm based in Soho, NYC. Creator of Puppy Match Mania and Synced Health.

Spinback   Co-Founder & CEO   2010-2011
Status: Acquired by Buddy Media in 2011 and Salesforce in 2012. Now part of Salesforce Social Studio
What: Allowed ecommerce retailers to measure the impact and ROI of social sharing.
Why:  Proving social media ROI was a difficult task for ecommerce retailers. In 2010, we became the first offering for retailers that integrated social media into ecommerce CMS platforms to allow for sharing attribution accompanied with insights and intelligence about social impact. 

The College Shack   Co-Founder & CEO    2005-2010
Status: Acquired by Carolina Beach Apparel in 2010. Still active.
What: An ecommerce retailer of collegiate hats and customized apparel. First ecommerce retailer of The Game brand bar hats.
Why: Game Bar Hats were not available online and were becoming super popular. We brought them online, allowed clubs and teams to customize them, and beat the bookstore on prices.

F*** Yeah 1990s    Co-Creator   2009-2012
Staus: Active
What: 90's Meme Blog with 200,000 followers on tumblr (Co-Founder & Creator)
Status: Inactive
What: is like StumbleUpon for the physical world. Web app that helps you discover random museums, cafes, and art galleries in Manhattan while providing the most convenient subway directions.
When: 2011-2011
How: Google Custom Search API, HTML w/ sammy, .NET, Nginx web server, publicly available datasets from and the MTA
Fun fact: built during over 48 hours at dogpatchlabs in Union Square.